Mammut Nutrition

All our Mammut products are produced in Germany. By the compliance of the International Featured Standard for Food (IFS), a quality system that ensures the quality and legality of the production and controls the compliance constantly, our Mammut products are subject to a fully developed quality assurance system. Thus we can guarantee a consistently high quality of products according to the highest standards in Germany.

We provide fully developed products through years of experience in the sports nutrition, extensive research on the specific requirements of our customers and collaboration with scientists and top athletes. Convince yourself of our wide product range and a top price - performance ratio.

No matter which training goal you are following - in addition to a balanced and healthy nutrition your body needs specific nutrients. Depending on your training goal your body needs among other things more protein, carbohydrates, fats as well as vitamins and minerals. An insufficient supply hamper or slows the achievement of your training goals. Nutritional supplements, however, are not solely responsible for the success or failure of your training. They are part of the comprehensive package. Your success is made up of training and adapted nutrition. For example you can increase the percentage of protein in your nutrition with the Formel 90 Protein. Protein shakes are generally made quickly, have high nutritional density and are also very tasty.

There is the possibility for almost all Mammut products to create an individual production. We offer a wide selection of tablets, powder, capsule or liquid products. Special products outside of our extensive range such as individual proteins, gainers, or other powdered products can be produced as contract manufacturing up from 500 kg per taste.